Apex Legends Travels to a New Planet for Season 3

Respawn has released a bunch of information on the upcoming Season 3 for Apex Legends.  The biggest news from the announcement is that our legends are leaving King’s Canyon for a whole new world, one that is filled with ice and fire (dragons and direwolfs yet to be confirmed).

You can find details on the official page here.  The trailer below looks to cover more ground than the page though:

Crazy crystal formations! Geysers flinging Octane in the air! Volcanoes!  A moving train!  This looks to promise a much more interactive environment than we saw in the canyon, throwing in a bunch of new gameplay implications, rather than just a simple face lift.  How much of that is just for the trailer and what will actually have a big impact on how you fight and survive in the arena we will need to wait and see.

The trailer also gives a glimpse of a new weapon, the Charge Rifle.  Titanfall 2 veterans will recall this being one of the few titan busting weapon, although there isn’t any indication that this will be used against anything besides flesh (and Pathfinder).  Personally, having attempted to use the slow charge up Havoc with the Selectfire Receiver, I’m not seeing this having much use.  Maybe I will be proved wrong and I’m sure it packs a punch, but the fast movement of Apex doesn’t really lend itself to this type of weapon.

More significant is the new legend, Crypto.  Leaks for this character have been around for awhile and Respawn have been hinting at him since the launch trailer of Season 2, but this and his recent story trailer are the first times that we have really seen him in action.  Not much is given away about his abilities, but the trailer shows he has a drone that looks like it can stun people.  It looks like he might be able to see through the eyes of the drone as well, which could come in handy when trying to hunt enemies down.

Besides that, there is also series 2 of ranked mode.  Some changes to the scoring system are being done, to add a bit more granularity to it all.  Also, particularly pleased to see that they will be acknowledging assists with the scoring now too, so no longer will you have the highest damage in your team, but score nothing for it because your teammate managed to always get the last hit.  There will also be a new Battle Pass to accompany the season, containing skins and other cosmetic items to show off with.  Season 2’s Battle Pass was actually pretty good.  Without really trying much, I got up to level 70-something and could probably have quite easily unlocked everything if I had of gone for it.  Hopefully, this trend will continue for those that are interested in such things.

Season 3 of Apex Legends kicks off from 1st October.  For those not already playing, it can be obtained for free through EA’s Origin.


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