A Few Minutes with Minit

What would you do if you only had a minute left to live?  Call a loved one to tell them the way you feel?  Confess to a sin or a lie?  Go and run naked through the streets?  Grab a sword and smack a crab over the head with it?

Minit can be picked up for diddly squat this week, through the Epic Games Store.  Here you are tasked with spending the last minute of your life performing as many actions as you possibly can, before the whole thing resets.  The only things that carry over are the items in your possession, as well as being able to have a new start location by entering a home.

From this simple idea comes an intriguing play on the old school Metroidvania games, as you grab new items and open new routes, all in an attempt to traverse as much of the land and sea as you can within those precious 60 seconds.  The ever-present counter ticks down, uncaringly looming over you at the top of the screen, with your strange squat billed creature splattering out a tiny noise and collapsing to the ground as the counter hits zero.

For the most part, the game plays somewhat like a puzzle game, with you trying to work out which is the right route to take and what you can now use your brand-new item to achieve.  On top of that though, there is also the need to speed through the level as much as possible, trying to find the most optimum routes through to your new location.  With a simple top down view and the controls being nothing more than 8-degrees of direction and an attack button, there is no opportunity for any fancy moves to be pulled off, but you still need to make sure you are navigating the obstacles in the most efficient way.  For example, a maze with snakes blocking some paths could be cleared in many ways, but kill the right snakes and you can easily get through the screen in 5 seconds.

The very crisp monochromatic graphic style allows the game to be simply parsed, allowing you to quickly evaluate a scene and figure out what is required.  It also clearly harks back to the early Zelda games and you can see that DNA throughout the gameplay, even though it is clearly doing something very different.  Through necessity of the core gameplay loop, it is more of a potted version of a Zelda game, rather than the sprawling epic that the iconic game series from Nintendo usually goes for, but the look and tone is certainly replicated within the bite-sized Minit.

Minit, Beat Cop, Strikers Edge – PAX South 2017 | Sub Cultured

Definitely worth checking out, particularly for the price of nothing.  Minit has a real charm to it and it executes its central idea with style and wit.  You can grab it from the Epic Games Store up until 10th October.


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