Could that Gum You Like be Back in Style Again Soon? Rumours of Twin Peaks Season 4

The rumour mill has been turning once again that there could be more Twin Peaks in the works and hitting screens as early as next year.  No official word has been announced, but no denials have been made either, whilst actors that portrayed key characters are getting in on the act too.

Most of the details as to what has been found can be seen on this reddit page, but the key hint has come from the Hollywood Horror Museum.  The tweet mentions someone “in the know” letting slip something interesting about the future of Twin Peaks.  The tweet concludes with “If it’s true, we’ll be squealing and giddy in 2020!”  More specifically, they also responded to a tweet posting an article claiming to have insider sources at Showtime saying that they were looking to bring the show back with the response “All I can say is thank God someone else is saying it!”

The most likely source of this information for Hollywood Horror Museum is Jennifer Lynch, daughter of the show’s co-creator and cinematic auteur, David Lynch, as she is on the museum’s board.

As can be seen from the Reddit post, there are a few other suggestions that this might be happening again, although they are far less concrete than this one.  David Lynch himself has tweeted about how much he likes filming in King County, the location for much of the filming of the series.  However, the area is supposedly having a big push on encouraging people to film there, so this is unlikely to be related.  Also, Kyle MacLachlan, who gave the iconic performance as the FBI agent Dale Cooper in the show, tweeted about thinking of donuts, a regular source of fuel for the Twin Peaks police officers.  MacLachlan is well known for his regular tweets about the show, so likely nothing much to be seen here.  There are plenty of other tweets from stars of the show though, adding fuel to the fire (walk with me).

For those who have not travelled to the Red Room before, Twin Peaks was a seminal early 90s show that paved the way to what many regard as the golden era of television.  Following a murder case of a teenage girl, the show depicted the lives of the inhabitants of the small American mid-western town of Twin Peaks, as the tragedy touched their lives.  Effortlessly moving from horror, slapstick comedy, real trauma, surreal imagery and soap opera shenanigans, Twin Peaks revolutionised the drama landscape and its effects can still be felt on TV today.  We took a trip back to Twin Peaks again just two years ago with the release of Twin Peaks: The Return, a third season that was massively ambitious and beautifully frustrating in equal measures.  It contained some of finest moments of television you are likely to see, all wrapped up in a enigmatic puzzle that kept me eager to see what layers it would keep adding.  Episode 8 of the show in particular proved to be a true event of television, with my jaw gone slack from the surprise musical performance at The Road House bar in the opening few minutes to the credits rolling at the end.

If these rumours come to anything, and I would suggest assuming they won’t for the moment, I know I will be there to see what will happen next in the town of Twin Peaks. David Lynch will be holding his annual Festival of Disruption from the 13th-14th October, which is the most likely time for an announcement, if it comes to pass.


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