Bevy of games from the Guerrilla Collective 2 stream

Yesterday saw the first part of the Guerrilla Collective 2 stream launching.  There was a huge bunch of indie games announced during the 2 hours, all with trailers.  No dev chats during this section of the stream, unfortunately, and most of the trailers didn’t show off too much of what the games had to offer, but there is plenty of stuff to look at.

Being focused on indie devs, there is a huge variety of styles being shown off here.  We have some games that hark back to the earliest days of the industry, with Asteroid style gameplay, to a game that is inspired by Max Payne.  We have a game that licences a filmthat is often regarded as the greatest ever made to a game that was inspired by the thought of a axolotl wielding an AK47.  The imagination and the vast array of stuff being shown off here is quite awe inspiring.  I’ll be amazed in the big publisher shows in a weeks’ time will come anywhere near the shear diversity that is demonstrated here.

The stream can be found below and runs for about an hour and half, starting at around the 30 minute mark in the video.  If you don’t have 2 hours to watch all of this, I’ve picked out a few bits that interested me the most underneath that.

There is also a Black Voices in Gaming stream that follows it, which seems to go into a bit more detail on some of the games featured and highlights a few more. 

32:47 – Anno: Mutatinem

First game up in the stream.  It features a sequence in which you are fighting a giant pixel lizard, which is not a bad way to start a stream of game announcements.  Looks like this is a sort of cyberpunk Streets of Rage (cyberpunk appears to be a running theme throughout the stream).  Could be interesting.

37:04 – The Eternal Cylinder

This is the next game from ACE team, those behind the Rock of Ages games and Zeno Clash.  Their games always have a really unique style to them and this is no exception.  The main character appears to be a face on legs, with a long trunk.  The rest of the critters shown are equally odd.  Seems like there might be some Pikmin elements, as you herd a group of animals around this alien landscape.

42:09 – Rubi: The Wayward Mira

I’m a sucker for a platformer with good movement abilities and this appeared to feature the usual suspects of dashing and wall jumping.  There also seemed to be a way to pass through walls as well.   I also really liked the artstyle.  Nothing that unusual for an indie game, with its looking back to the 16-bit era, but just done really well.

46:21 – Industria

Described as a mystery first person shooter.  I mainly pricked my ears up at the mention of it being David Lynch inspired, but they also mentioned Half Life and Bioshock.  The description of the enemies seemed to indicate some interesting AI, such as The Hounds that attacked you in packs and would follow their leader.  The footage unfortunately looked like a fairly dated shooter, but hopefully the description will match up with the final product more.

51:50 – El Paso, Elsewhere

I loved the Max Payne games (okay, not so much 3).  The action was always the best in class and the story managed to tow the right line between being earnest and self-aware.

El Paso, Elsewhere is unashamedly mimicking much of the Max Payne games, with bullet time dives and a character that appears to be in cosplay.  What struck me was the artstyle though, which appeared to be from a time before the original Max Payne.  It seems to be more in the vein of earlier 3D games, like a Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.  It is quite a maligned period nowadays, but it looks great here.

53:57 – Run Die Run Again

A terrible name, but I love this sort of game.  Seems to be quite similar to the recent Ghostrunner in style, but more of a time attack approach, such as Cyber Hook.  Described as a survival platformer, likely because of the number of laser beams and hi-tech traps you seem to need to avoid, it looks to be great for those that enjoy during to shave a few milliseconds off their time.

1:07:07 – Guild of Dungeoneering: Ultimate Edition

I mostly enjoyed the song for this.  I wasn’t familiar with the original game, but I really liked the look of this and the basic idea.  It seems a little reminiscent of the recent Loop Hero, but without the looping, with the game seeing you lay down cards to build your dungeon and battling different monsters.  Seems a really nice idea.

1:13:12 – Zodiac Legion

I picked this out, even though it looked a little bland and the voice over was incredibly generic, mainly because it just seemed to be a very different game to everything else.  It is a great example of the huge variety of genres that are being played with by indie devs.  Not sure how this tile turn based strategy game will turn out, but it could be cool and can certainly see an audience for it.

1:22:17 – Kung-fu Kickball

I find it surprising that we don’t have more games that use real life sports as touchstones for games.  There is obviously Rocket League and there is the recent Knockout City, but it seems to be a missed opportunity. 

Kung-fu Kickball looks like a fun football adaptation.  It is already in beta at the moment and they are adding a Monkey King character.  Not sure how much variety it offers, but looks like it could be fun for a bit of a kickabout.

1:24:25 – Aeon Drive

Another cyberpunk game.  This one being a platformer.  Again, lots of fast paced action shown off and the pixel art in the cutscenes looked really great.  The levels themselves seem to have a 30 second time limit to them, so speed is obviously emphasised.  Also features co-op, although not sure how much that will actually add to the experience, judging from the footage.

1:31:31 – Omno

This looked like a really pretty game and I particularly enjoyed the flying wand sections.  It also featured a giant dragon that the playable character was riding on the back of.  Some really great animation here and some strong Journey vibes from the desert sections

1:35:49 – Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo

This was a surprising appearance.  Not sure this is the first film I would jump to for a game adaptation and the developers are certainly setting themselves up for a big fall if this doesn’t go right for them.  There wasn’t too much gameplay footage shown, but the cinematic trailer was certainly very stylishly done.  An interesting one to keep an eye on and certainly going to carry some high expectations.

1:44:57 – Tamarindos Freaking Dinner

I have no idea what was going on when watching this trailer, other than his name being Jacob Jazz.  Only thing I managed to really get about the game was that it was going to be a murder mystery.  It looks completely unique though and it seems to certainly be a different experience.  The tune was great and I was very much left with a desire for tacos by the end of it.

1:47:27 RPG Time: The Legend of Wright

Really loved the visuals for this one.  It has a pencil drawn look and plays with that in different ways, such as the odd bit of flip book animation.  Looks to be packed with plenty of meta visual gags too.


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