Something for the Weekend – 12th-13th June

Suns out and the British summer is finally starting to get underway.  What better way is there to enjoy that then to sit in a dark room looking at moving pictures or sat in front of the desk and clicking on things, all while trying to avoid seeing or hearing about rich young men kicking a ball around a field.

Here are a few of the things I will be getting up to this weekend (and some that will likely spill into the week).

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Shocking to some, I have actually never watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, nor have I read the books.  I did try Fellowship of the Ring a few years ago, but I cam away with my initial suspicions of it being too serious and dull to warrant continuing with the other 7 or so hours the following films offered.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the release of that first film, my local popcorn vendor has been showing the trilogy and I thought I would give it another ago.  I still had my issues with Fellowship, but I liked it more this time around and by the end I was intrigued enough to see more of Frodo and Sam’s journey and to see just how many orcs the fellowship would kill.  Two Towers managed to win me over even more with its larger scale battles and more detailed look at the inhabitants of this world.

Now it comes to the final part of the trilogy and very much looking forward to see how this will all play out.  I’ve even considered reading the books soon too.


How Many Episodes of 'Loki' Will We Get?

Disney are continuing to pump out their Marvel series on Disney+.  This actually came out on Wednesday, but I’ll be giving it a go over the weekend.

I very much enjoyed the weirdness of Wandavision, although I was disappointed by it turning into just more of the MCU by the end.  Falcon and the Winter Soldier didn’t even try to do anything different, but was still worth watching.  Given the nature of the lead, I’m expecting something to be a little more in line with the quirkiness of the first show and the trailers hint that will be the case.  Tom Hiddleston is also just superb in everything he does and really embodies that character perfectly.  Seeing him in that role is never a bad time, even when it surrounded by the rest of Thor 2

High hopes for this one.

Jurassic World Evolution – PC

Jurassic World Evolution Review | The Gosu Crew: Home

Watching the trailer for Jurassic World Evolution 2 during the Summer Game Fest yesterday, I thought that I really should get around to playing this one.  I then discovered that I previously grabbed it in an Epic Store free giveaway and that encouraged me even more.  I’ve played for a few minutes and already had a dinosaur eat another dinosaur.  Surprising how little direction the game seems to give too, unless I just missed a more directed tutorial option.  That is proving to be quite nice though, as I dip into different screens and prod and dino DNA to see what happens.

That theme tune is also still fantastic.

Griftlands – Switch

Griftlands | Nintendo Switch download software | Games ...

My Switch seems to have become my Slay the Spire device, but this might drag me away from that for a bit.  I’ve been enjoying what I have played of this so far, with the battles genuinely having quite a different feel to them than the negotiation sections, surprisingly so as they are both different forms of card battlers.  It doesn’t feel like it offers quite the flexibility of Spire and I’m not sure how well it will accommodate repeat runs, given its focus on story and world building, but it is still nice to have something a little bit different from the genre.  Klei also seem to have put quite a bit of effort into the world, which is nice to dip into when you what a break from flinging cards at people.

Far Cry 5 – PC

Geek Review: Far Cry 5 | Geek Culture

I wasn’t expecting to get quite so dragged into this, thinking I would do the first region, maybe dabble a little with the second and leave it at that.  Progress has moved at just the right pace to keep me going with it though and I’m now likely to see this through to the end.  The Faith region with its hallucinogenic trips with the Bliss did grow a little tiresome by the end, particular with it culminating in a silly boss fight, but I’m now halfway through the final region and heading down the home stretch now.

It is perhaps weird to congratulate a game for being over fairly quickly, but I do find open world games normally outstay their welcome.  The laundry list of objectives and miscellanies to collect bog everything down and feels like it will never end.  So, Far Cry 5’s decision to have every little thing count towards your progression in a region really does help ensure that the game goes at the pace you want it to.

The story is increasingly bobbins and I feel the antagonist and the mini-antagonists are not anywhere near as fun as their predecessors (and, hopefully, Giancarlo Esposito in 6).  Still, I would like to see how it all ends, particular with what I know of the ending, what with the semi-sequel New Dawn being a bit of a spoiler on that account.


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