Nintendo continue to not talk about the Switch Pro

It shouldn’t have been a surprise really.  The rumours that were circulating around a new Switch felt slightly more plausible than before and when nothing came out about one before the digital E3 weekend there was always an outside chance that Nintendo might use the Direct to mention a new machine, be it an update or a new console.  Even Nintendo’s tweet saying they will be focusing on just games could have been misleading, as their tweets often are.

Instead, we just had a bunch of games talked about.  Mostly stuff that was already on the horizon or new versions of games that were on other systems, but it was still a good showing, letting everyone know that there will be stuff to play on your Switch in the coming months.

Expectations were set fairly low from the start, with Tekken joining Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Supposedly the chucking characters into a volcano is a Tekken thing, but my confusion was worth it to see Kirby sneak away after being thrown in.

The first big surprise came with a fancy little animation for Life is Strange.  Initially, it looked like it might be a new game especially for the Switch, but it turns out to just be the Remastered collection arriving on Nintendo’s system, as well as the new True Colours.  Great to see, as the first game is very enjoyable.  I’m not sure if I will personally be revisiting, but the Switch is the perfect place to play something like it and I would consider playing True Colours there.  Pity the second game doesn’t seem to be included, although reception to that was a little lukewarm.

We then had some quick-fire third-party games coming over to Switch, including the just announced Guardians of the Galaxy game.  A little surprising, as I would have thought it would need some extensive downgrading in order to be played on Switch.  How well that will work out will be interesting to see, but I have a feeling that other platforms are going to be more suited to it.  Of course, it could be something that benefits from a yet to be announced hardware upgrade…

There is also Two Point Campus, which looks like another good fit for the Switch.  More management games would be good to see and the quirky tone of the Two Point games is a great fit.

Metroid Dread für Nintendo Switch ist ein 2D-Plattformer ...

Back to Nintendo games, we have the only real surprise announcement of the stream, with a brand new Metroid game, Metroid Dread.  Not quite the Metroid Prime 4 that most people were likely expecting, but a return to the 2D origins.  A shame that we didn’t see the new first person game, nor news of the Prime series being remastered, but this was still a great looking game.  Metroid games are all the rage in the 2D indie space, so it will be interesting to see how the granddaddy of the format holds up.

From the footage, it looks like there will be some AI enemies that will be stalking the player, perhaps in a Resident Evil Nemesis style.  That extends to a bit of a horror vibe too.  Looking forward to seeing more of this and it is launching in October.

Another favourite series is returning, with a new Wario Ware, named Get It Together.  It looks like it will be following the same format as other games in the series, with a bunch of quick reaction mini games.  New addition is two people being able to play some of the minigames at the same time.  Should add some fun spice, particularly if the players can sabotage each other.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be making the move from Wii U to Switch, as so many before it.  I’m not familiar with the series and for some reason didn’t get this on the Wii U, but this drew me in with a suitably creepy trailer.  Not so sure about the selection of costumes shown which seem to not be practical wear when battling ghosts, but the game itself looks like it could be enjoyable.  Same goes for the recent remaster of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 that is going to be coming to Switch.  I haven’t gotten around to it on other platforms, but may well take the plunge when it comes to Nintendo’s console.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is getting a remaster ...

Besides Mario+Rabbids, which we already knew about from the Ubisoft stream, the next game of note is updated versions of Advance Wars 1 and 2.  My only really experience of this style of game is briefly playing some Wargroove on PC, which was a great idea and something I didn’t play too much of, mainly as I was meaning to pick it up on Switch. I might as well not bother now and just go straight to the original game created the style.  The chunky cartoon style looks really neat too and I imagine quite the improvement on the original games.

We finally move into the last segment of the show, focus on Legend of Zelda.  Nintendo must have enjoyed messing with everyone by starting this section with a Hyrule Warrior DLC, as if that were the only thing being shown.  Fortunately, we got to see a little more of the Skyward Sword remaster and then a neat looking Game&Watch system that will have The Legend of Zelda 1 and 2, Link’s Awakening and Vermin, a previous Game&Watch game that has been changed to have Link as the playable character.

None of this is what people were waiting for of course.  Finally, Nintendo have shown a little of Breath of the Wild 2.  It pretty much looks like more Breath of the Wild, with the main change being that you will supposedly now be exploring land above Hyrule, where floating landmasses have appeared.  There also look to be a few more abilities included, with a flamethrower arm and something that appears to reverse time on a giant spiked ball.

There isn’t much more to add really, as it is still quite limited what we are seeing the trailer.  The vertical gameplay looks quite neat though and I hope we get to move between these quite freely.

Just a 2022 release given, so likely we are still waiting quite a while for it to come out.

And that was it.  Perhaps a little underwhelming, but on the scale of other Nintendo Directs it certainly could have been worse.  It would have been nice to see a few more new announcements, but it looked like there will be a few bits and pieces for us to enjoy.  There is always enjoyable stuff coming from Nintendo, even if it isn’t the most exciting of their titles.  The past year or so has felt like Nintendo were coasting a little bit and although this show didn’t completely destroy that image, it went some way to correcting it.


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