Something for the Weekend – 19th-20th June

Peppa Pig

This weekend is going to mostly be occupied with family time, including with my baby and toddler nephews.  So, my cultural highlights might not extend much beyond Peppa Pig (not a terrible predicament, I’ll grant you).  At least this weekend won’t be quite so full of endless streams from game publishers telling us very little about their upcoming games.

When I do get some screen time, this will be what I’m taking a look at:

DOOM: Eternal – PC

DOOM Eternal

I absolutely adored the return of DOOM back in 2016.  The energy and non-stop visceral action was tonic for the relentless drudgery that had become most of the FPS genre since it became dominated by the plague of the modern warfare sim and tedious slow paced fare.  DOOM rekindled my love for these games, with its great update of the formula and smart design choices that re-educated the player in the joy of charging into combat rather than cowering behind cover.

DOOM: Eternal came out last year and I never got around to it at the time.  I’m ready to rip and tear this weekend though. Initial experiences of running into weird log in issues with the Bethesda account system and a broken map when HDR is enabled are not hugely positive, but the first 20 minutes or so of the game itself still seems to offer the same carnage and joy that the previous game did.  Hopefully, this will continue and I don’t run into any other issues.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Switch

'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD'

I’ve already played a fair amount of the first game in this trilogy pack, having reached about halfway through the fourth episode.  Will be aiming to finish this before the end of the weekend.

I do have some issues with this, mainly the way that some of the solutions are a little obtuse, requiring a little bit of trial and error.  That is made worse by the trial sections having only a finite amount of guessing that you can do before your client is found guilty and you are forced to restart from the beginning of that day again.

Besides that, I find this a really enjoyable and relaxing game.  The characters are pitched just right, with them being very much caricatures, but with enough personality for their stories to be interesting to follow.  Some of their little animations are delightful and that extends beyond the classic finger point the series is known for. 

Story is also light, but intriguing, with strong vibes of a Diagnosis Murder or Murder She Wrote.  The way some reappear across multiple episodes and the overall story is woven into the different cases is handled just right and it keeps you wanting to move onto the next one.

They are quite long games, so I will likely take a break after I’ve finished the first one, but been very much enjoying these.

In The Heights

In The Heights

Around about a year ago, I was meant to go and see Hamilton.  For obvious reasons, that ended up not happening.  I’ve held off watching the Disney+ version in the hope that I will actually get to see the real thing at some point.  This will have to do in the meantime.

Not sure if I will get a chance to see this over the weekend, but I’ve been looking forward to it coming out and will certainly see it soon.  The trailers have looked like a real burst of energy and tune that is used is a banger.  It seems to be the perfect film to go see during this time, with the world still going through such a shitty time.  A little bit of musical magic is very much required.

I don’t know very much about the musical that it is based on, so going in fairly blind, but still with high hopes that it will be good time. 


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