Something for the weekend – 26th-27th June

After last weekend’s toddler focus, I’m looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and chill times.  Chill times in particular, as I will no doubt spend much of it trying to optimise a recent purchase of AIO watercooling for overly toasty AMD 5800x.  Most likely I will continue to regret a purchase of a case that promoted itself as being quiet, with its awful air flow that requires fans to be going at such speeds that makes it anything but quiet.

When not tickering, I shall be indulging in the following games over the weekend and throughout next week.

Doom Eternal – PC

DOOM Eternal

So, this was intended to be last weeks main game, but I didn’t get too much into it.  I’ve been playing more during the week though and hoping to get some more time with it over the weekend.  I have thoughts and I will likely write these up into a more complete piece when I’m finished with it.  Headline though is that it continues with DOOM 2016’s trend of being a gloriously gory good time, filled with fast past gibbing action.  The formula is expanded a bit from the previous game, not always successfully, but the core gameplay is still fantastic and doing something that very few big FPS games are attempting.

Lord of the Rings – The Adventure Card Game – Switch

The Lord of The Rings: Adventure Card Game

So, my conversion to this franchise continues.  I had this awhile a go on PC as part of some digital tabletop gaming bundle and had played a little bit of it, but the portable console felt a better fit.  I’ve not explored the deckbuilding side of this too much, but I’ve enjoyed the main gameplay of the card game itself.  There is a good balance between the complexities that these sorts of games deliver, but still maintaining the kind of moment-to-moment decisions that anyone who has played something like Hearthstone or its daddy Magic: The Gathering will be familiar with.  The campaign stories are suitably Lord of the Rings-esque, be you commanding the forces of Rohan or battling spiders to rescue Bilbo and lends good motivation to the banging portraits together.

It feels like there is plenty of depth here, although I also sense that this digital version might exhaust itself (pun for the card game players out there!) of content before it really explores everything that is on offer from the ruleset.  It also makes me tempted to pick up the physical card game, which I understand is quite different.

Murder by Numbers – Switch

Murder by Numbers

I know very little about this, beyond it being a visual novel, with picross puzzles dotted throughout the story.

I love a picross puzzle though.  There is something very relaxing about them, much like the better known sudoku puzzles that were a big fad 10-15 years ago.  I don’t normally find them particularly challenging, but they are still really satisfying to complete.  Hopefully the story here will be interesting too, so I’m not just waiting for the next puzzle to come along.

Still have a bit of the first Phoenix Wright game to complete though, so will likely finish that off first.

Phantom Abyss – PC

Phatom Abyss

This is a game whose trailer really caught my eye when it was shown off during one of the many streams a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a first-person platforming game, in which the procedurally generated courses can only be completed by one person.  You try to be the person, as you watch the ghosts around you of previous victims and their failed attempts.

This is another one I will probably write a bit more about, but it is a simple idea that seems to be executed quite nicely, in my brief 20 minutes with it.  It is only in early access at the moment, so I expect there is quite a few missing features, but I will be giving it a bit more of an explore soon.


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