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Ape Escape – Because Monkey Escape didn’t have the same ring

Recently, Sony have been releasing their new and improved PlayStation Plus service.  Those on the basic package are basically getting everything that they previously received in the normal PS Plus, but there are now an additional couple of tiers.  The mid-tier will get people access to a bunch of PS4 and PS5 games, much in […]

Top 10 announcements from this month’s Not-E3

June has increasingly become the month of gaming, with announcements galore being pumped out by all the big digital interactive entertainment purveyors.  It has always been the month of E3, but with that being cancelled the last few years, it has been replaced by an endless stream of streams, coming from publishers, console makers, magazines […]

Derren Brown – Showman

What some might not realise if they have just seen the work that Derren Brown performs on his TV shows, particularly the big stunt specials, is that he is incredible at commanding the audience.  Perhaps no surprise what with him being a magician (mentalist, illusionist, Jedi Knight, pyscho, whichever you prefer), but his ability to […]

Mosey on over to Kickstarter and check out Doomtown: Weird West

Howdy pardners. If you are looking for good ol’ time that is sure to end in a hoedown, then look no further than the just launched Kickstarter for Doomtown: Weird West Edition, a new base set for the excellent table top expandable card game. A (mostly) two player game that sees you battling for control […]

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