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Mosey on over to Kickstarter and check out Doomtown: Weird West

Howdy pardners. If you are looking for good ol’ time that is sure to end in a hoedown, then look no further than the just launched Kickstarter for Doomtown: Weird West Edition, a new base set for the excellent table top expandable card game. A (mostly) two player game that sees you battling for control […]

The Forgotten City – Marmota Monax Dies

The time loop genre seems to have had a bit of resurgence in recent years.  Film has had the very enjoyable Happy Death Day films and the recent Palm Springs.  There has also been the excellent Russian Doll playing with the format in episodic form.  Then there has been life, where each day feels much […]

Death’s Door – Something to crow about

Death.  It’s the universal constant that unites us all.  Even more so in the world of video games where ending life is generally our main interaction with the virtual worlds that we inhabit. In Death’s Door, our role as bringer of death is made literal.  In this world, the task of introducing souls to their […]

Total War: WW2 with Company of Heroes 3

Last week, the acclaimed strategy developer Relic announced they would be returning to beloved franchise; the one with the Earth Nazis rather than the space Nazis, Company of Heroes.  Showing off the game not only with a cinematic trailer and not only with a gameplay trailer, but with a whole bloomin’ pre-alpha for fans to […]

Linux and gaming – just how well does it work?

With the recent announcement from Valve of the new Steam Deck handheld PC gaming device, it came with a few questions that we likely won’t fully know the answer to until it gets into people’s hands this December.  One of the big ones is just how good will the game compatibility be.  With the device […]

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